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Andrew Lemoncello


These last 2 weeks have been non stop for me (hence no blog last week). In the last 2 weeks I've only spent a few days in Flagstaff so it is going to be good to just be in one place for a while now (well sort of...I have a couple of races over the next 3 weeks which will mean travelling to Illinois and Japan) and get in some good solid training.


Last week's training went pretty well. It was a light week as I would be travelling over to London for the UK 10km champs. On Monday we just did 8 laps of 100m hard, 100m easy which seemed very, very easy so I was eager to do something pretty hard on Wednesday as I didn't want to ease down too much. I actually didn't know what the workout was heading down the mountain to Sedona but someone had said we would be doing some hard 800ms so I got excited about that only to find out that we were just supposed to cruise the workout. This was a little frustrating after getting excited about running hard in the workout but we discussed the workout amongst each other (Greg was away this week) and decided to follow the workout and slowly increase the speed and then run hard for the last lap of the last rep. We did 6 times 800m with 400m jog recovery and ran 2.15, 2.13, 2.14, 2.11, 2.11 for the first five and then ran 2.03 for the last one (65, 58). It felt good to run the last one hard but I'm the type of runner that needs to do hard, fast workouts to feel like they have achieved anything for the day so when I sit down with Greg this week we will have to go over the upcoming training as I am starting to feel a little stale with the lack of intensity I have had in the training. I know it's because he wants to keep me fresh for the training going into the marathon training for Korea but I want to get into decent shape before I start that. The next couple of days were just some easy days and then I did some 200ms on Saturday before I got on my flight to London.


I decided to fly in late for the race so that it would be a short trip and hopefully jetlag wouldn't kick in. I flew over night on Saturday and got into London on Sunday afternoon. I got to the hotel and did a short run followed by lots of drills and strides to wake my legs up a bit. I then met up with some friends from Flagstaff who were just finishing a trip to Scotland before flying back to the states so it was a little surreal to meet up with them so far away from home. I got an early night but after sleeping for an hour, I woke up and stayed awake until about 3.30am. This doesn't even bother me any more as I have had a bunch of races where I haven't had any sleep so to get almost 5 hours was luxury for a trip like this. I woke up feeling pretty good and ready for the race.


The race started with what seemed to be perfect weather but once we got out to the river the wind was a little bit stronger so I knew that the pace wasn't going to be too hot especially if Mo was going to be racing later on in the week. The lead changed hands several times and the only real move happened just after the 8km mark when Mo accelerated up a little hill. I tried to go with it but it was pretty decisive so I had a tough time getting near him. I ended up running on my own for a little bit until Wicksy came by me and then the only thing I could do at that point was to hang on for dear life. I had wasted a lot of energy on that move and I wasn't sure I could maintain the pace for much longer. Wicksy had gapped me a little before hitting the last 500m down The Mall but I managed to rally a little and almost catch the guy who got second. It was a worthwhile trip and I really enjoyed the atmosphere out there. I spent much of the rest of the day relaxing with a good friend of mine in St James Park and then going to Chinatown for dinner.

I woke up early the next morning for some reason so I decided to go out and get a 90 minute run around Hyde Park in before I headed off to the airport.


The flight back to the US went by pretty quickly but I was too tired to drive up the mountain to Flagstaff so I ended up staying at Julie's parents house and had a nice long sleep before getting a run in and then driving the 2 hours back up to Flagstaff. I should really have calculated things better as it was only the next evening that we would be heading back down to Phoenix to spend the night there and then heading to San Diego the next morning.


The trip to San Diego was great. Julie, her friend Amanda, and her boyfriend Peter were all running the half marathon so it was a good excuse to have some time away from home and have a relaxing weekend (apart from the race!). I got a couple of decent workout in on a track that lay on some cliff tops (made for beautiful scenery but it was very windy) and a good long run around Mission Bay Park. The half marathon would be Julie's first race since running in university so all she wanted to do was run fast than 7 minute miling and she smashed that with a 87.53. She's now hooked and wants to train for a marathon so that should be fun to see her train hard and go through the rigours of training for such a long distance.


We drove back to Flagstaff on Monday and after 8 hours of being in the car (with a quick stop in Phoenix to pick up our dog and for me to go for a run). It felt good to be back there and get to stay there for a little while. Saying that, I will be leaving next week for a few days to run the Steamboat Classic 4 mile race in Illinois. I had a good run there last year so hopefully I do just as well this year.





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Kinda surprised you are not really developing your 5-10K speed currently before doing your M phase...

Would have thought you would have been running those 800's in around 2:06...(on the Monday not the Wednesday)...

Don't think it's doing you any favours to mark time intensity wise...I would really like to see you getting back to sub 28 10K's...when you look at the current top marathoners they are all capable of low 27's...sorry but I just can't see you fulfilling your undoubted M potential without this...and time is running out...

Hope when you sit down with your coach Greg you can sort something out as undoubtedly you are unhappy with this yourself and that doesn't help your confidence...

Old Scottie

Old Scottie Posted on June 11th, 2011


Hey Andrew,

Were you wearing an orange singlet at Steamboat? Number 4? If so I believe I saw you warming up/at the start line. Hope you enjoyed Central Illinois. Congrats on 2nd place!

Mike Posted on June 18th, 2011

Mike - That was indeed me with the orange Mizuno singlet with the number 4. It was another good race to be in this year so i'm glad I came. I talked to my dad today and it turns out that my grandparents used to live in Peoria so that was bit of a shock!

lemon Posted on June 18th, 2011