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Steve Cram on Kenya

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While here in Iten, Kenya we managed to grab a few minutes with one of Great Britain’s best ever athletes, Steve Cram. A former World Champion and in possibly the toughest ever era in British middle distance running Steve Cram is now firmly established as one of the BBC most experienced and popular presenters with a great insight and knowledge in athletics. Now also a coach Steve Cram was here not only to keep an eye on one of his athletes but to also take part in a bike ride for his charity, while at the famous dirt track on Tuesday RunnersLife managed to get his thoughts on training in the world famous Iten.......

Steve Cram

Iten is a great place to train but you have to be really careful, it is so easy to over train and get carried away, you really have to listen to your body and back off if you are feeling to tired. Experience can count for a lot up here.

During the winter it is great because the weather is very good, it is exactly what you want during the winter months to get strong. It is not a place to be running fast times, but the hills the dirt track are a great place to build that endurance, it is all set up to give you a really good base. 

I am here for my charity and did a bike ride this week but I won’t be here for very long. One of my athletes is here training so I have been able to catch up with her and see how things are going which is good. I really like the place though and enjoy coming here. 

You shouldn’t be afraid to run 8-8.30 miling out here. Because of the terrain there is not really anywhere flat to run so you have to be really careful not to over do things because it can very easily become a hard run up here.

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