Naked girls at the track!

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Simon Jones

First of all the title has nothing to do with my blog but I wanted to see if more people read it if my titles are more enticing...will let you know in the next blog if it works.......


I hate the winter. I hate the cold. So I can't wait to get to Tenerife on the 13th Jan to run without my bones aching from the cold, and I don't think it helps with my niggles either.


Christmas day I managed to get out in the morning as the knee improved and while at by the beech I bumped into a neighbour (hywel) of the close who now lives in Singapore (back for a couple of weeks) so we did a few miles together although I think I was holding him back with a very easy pace not to pull anything else. Was good to see him though and that he is doing well out in Asia, we used to walk to school together with my brother, both have left while I stick it out in Wales.


Talking of Christmas day training I read Andi talking about reading another website and the discussion of running on the 25thDecember. First of all I can't believe Andi reads that site, next he will be telling me he reads the daily star and Secondly I don't see the big deal, just do whatever training that you would normally do on that day....easy run, session or long run. There are 24 hours in a day so I am sure you can fit a run in or two. In fact I don't even see the huge thing about meeting up with loads of randoms, I see the people I like all year so don't have to struggle to squeeze them into one day of the year.


So what's been happening...


I will be meeting up with Mr Lew bear tonight for our 15 laps of Liberty Stadium. We both work till 5.30pm on a Friday (well, he does every day) and it's close for both of us after work, well lit and not crossing roads. Some people might find it boring but it goes really quick when you're chatting away. 15 laps is about 6 miles if anyone cares.


Also in my world I continue to battle a few niggles and the knee turned out to be damaged fibres (can't remember the exact name) around the whole knee cap which were caused due to fatigue during a certain run, its actually more painful that what the problem is, mainly because they push on the knee cap as it bends. I have tried some new seaweed/menthol cream the physio supplied which seems to be working wonders!


I did another big session on Wednesday which was interesting, fun and painful at the same time. I like new sessions as you have nothing to compare to and you find out where you start to fade when its 14miles long. It was 4xmile with 90second recovery and I ran 5.05, 4.50, 4.59, 4.47 (into a breeze one way) then a 5min jog before 10miles steady in which I ran 58minutes. I am not sharp at all so the mile reps were hard graft which made the 10miles harder than the time suggests for a controlled effort, also doing alone made it mentally tough. At least I haven't lost too much with the niggles and with a tough-ish day the day before.


Lastly, I hear there will be a RunnersLife team heading to Armagh in 2012 with a very good team including two sub 14minute runners....could beat the yanks over there I reckon.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Comments on "Naked girls at the track! "

I read it because of title.... Grrrr..... Robbed

AJ Posted on December 30th, 2011

I read it because of the title and the fact I am waiting for my dryer to finish before I do more ironing!!!!

Andi Jones Posted on December 30th, 2011

Pirelli runnerslife calender 2012

I read the title and thought this blog was about your Welsh female fan club athletics junkies stripping off on the track to make you run faster or to pose for the 2012 Runnerslife Calender with your spot being January in the cold!
What would be the other team members month and how would it look? ( Andi Jones taking another ice bath etc)
Worth a new year blog perhaps????

Camera man Posted on December 30th, 2011

I’m also disappointed… the internet security settings in work blocked this page for being pornographic?!

Good to see you over Christmas! I’m now back in Singapore trying my best to get in shape. Signed up to the Sundown Marathon on May 26th…

I struggled a bit with the humidity last year although Father Christmas has bought me some electrolyte tablets that seem to be making a good difference.

Catch up soon!


Hywel Davies Posted on January 9th, 2012

Haha, good to see you hywel. Still having trouble with the knee and on the turbo trainer as I write. Take it easy with the conditions out there!

Catch ya later

Il look after Skomer!!

Simx Posted on January 9th, 2012